Domaine Jean-Marie HAAG

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Within the cellar, a single aim: the production of speciality wines.
Taste testing of the grapes, monitoring of seeds and finally testing of density and acidity, both before and during grape harvest, with a view to selecting the precise date of harvesting.
The above tasks are carried out exclusively by hand, and take place over the course of a month, so as to ensure optimum maturity.
Grape selection and harvest is divided up to allow better variety.

Whole grapes are used in pressing.
Fermentation takes place slowly and is temperature controlled to allow the wine to retain all of its aromatic qualities

In his work within the cellar, the wine-maker "guides" the wines towards even greater concentration and balance to bring together grape varieties and regions.
In this way, all sorts of gastronomic alliances are made possible.

Domaine Jean-Marie HAAG - 17,Rue des Chèvres 68570 SOULTZMATT - Phone 0389470238

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