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Fine, freshness expected, white flowers, mineral evolution
Fine, freshness expected, white flowers, mineral evolution.

Taste confirms the nose with sustained aromas, nice and long after... Find out more

Fine, virile, high complexity. White flowers, strawberry.

Terroir brings some mint and star anise notes. Mineral evolution.

Well-balanced with fresh character loaded with toasty, pear and wax flavours.
Opulent flavour, pineapple.

Full, complex. Pears and hite fruits. Toasted Bread, concentrated honey.

Ces notes de miel sont l'expression caractéristique du Terroir, le Zinnkoepflé.

2 stars Guide Hachette 2024 - 15/20 Le Point Spécial Vins September 2023

Powerful, flattering, spices. Roses, yellow and tropical fruits (leeches), ivy and Chinese aniseed from the... Find out more

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